Meet the owners

Jon, Juanita, Jayce, Jessa & Jamison Lee

After his career kept taking him away from Bismarck, Jon made a conscious decision to try and get back to North Dakota. 

"I simply wanted to do something fulfilling in a place that I truly love! I chose to locate this business in Bismarck-Mandan because it's my hometown. I can’t think of anything more exciting than sharing the best bread in the world with the community I grew up in!"
Juanita, a native of Flasher, N.D., joined her husband and the bakery staff full time in January 2000. Today, Juanita works behind the scenes in the bakery's advertising and marketing department. She maintains the website, creates promotional materials and is mom to three mini Bread Poets!

"It gives me great pride to be part of an industry that supports one of North Dakota's greatest assets – our farmers. I was born and raised in rural North Dakota and it's such a joy to share the personal touches of a small town business with this community and those who visit Bismarck-Mandan."

Jayce was known as the original "Baby Bread Poet" when he first arrived, but has since been renamed a more fitting "Bread Poet, Jr." Over the years he has watched his dad closely to learn the trade and can be found in the Bread Poets production line in the summers and during the busy holiday seasons.

We are pretty sure that nobody could look more precious in a baker's hat and apron than our "Bread Po-ette" Jessa. Having finally reached "employment age," Jessa's aspiration of working behind the counter in the summers has finally been attained. She greets each customer with a smile and is ready to take your order. 

And then there is our "Baby Bread Poet" Jamison. He's content to just enjoy a PB&J sandwich crafted by one of his siblings or parents until he's old enough to join the work crew.
Together the Lee family will celebrate 23 years of Bread Poets in September 2021!